Very Early & Unusual Shaman Medicine Leather Pouch with 4 Bottles

$ 300.00

Very Early and Extremely Unusual Shaman or Medicine Man Hand Tooled Leather Pouch with 4 Bottles (3 of which have the original cork tops). Flap illustrations feature 2 skulls (1 dated 1654 and the other dated 1604), and a spider with a cross on it's back on a spider web. Rear of the pouch has a leather hoop that you can strap to a belt. 1 of the front leather ties is missing, and looks like 2 bottles are missing as well. The antique bottles are clear marked glass with porcelain top cork stoppers. The bottom of the bottles are marked USA, and what looks to read WJ & Co, and each measures 3-1/4" tall including the cork. Pouch measures 6" wide x 3-3/4" high. This is an absolutely intriguing looking piece. We aren't able to find anything like it in our research library.

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