HUGE 100+ Piece Lot of THOMAS THE TANK Train Cars, Structures, Track & Accessories Set

$ 150.00

We are offering a fabulous 102-piece lot (over 20 lbs.) of Thomas the Tank train cars, engines, friends trains, structures, tracks, and accessories. They all range in dates from 2002-2006. The lot includes 24 train cars, 5 building structures, and 73 various track pieces. The structures included are Sodor Timber Company Sawmill (2004 Gullane / Learning Curve), Center Island Quarry (2005 Gullane / Learning Curve), Sodor Engine Works Engine Car Wash (2003 Gullane / Learning Curve), Tidmouth Sheds Roundhouse Station take along carry storage case (2006 Gullane / Learning Curve), and Roundhouse Station Depot carry storage case (2002 Gullane / Learning Curve). And the following train cars and engines are included: 2002 Gullane / Learning Curve --- Toby, Qty 2 - Thomas, Percy, Gordon, and a Holiday Caboose. 2003 Gullane / Learning Curve --- Salty. 2004 Gullane / Learning Curve --- Furgus, Arthur, Log Car with 2 logs, Ocean Tanker, Center Island Quarry Log Car with 2 logs, and holiday Snow Globe Car. 2005 Gullane / Learning Curve --- Culdee, Skarloey, and Diesel. 2006 Gullane / Learning Curve --- Fog Car, Sodar Aquarium - Shark Car, Sodar Zoo - Lion Car, Sodar Zoo - Monkey Car. There are 2 cars that do not have names on them (and are magnetic): a #4 car, and a car labeled Blasting Car. There are also 2 wooden cars included (and are magnetic): Thomas and Harvey. The various track pieces that are included have different dates on them: 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2006. There is a more silvery set that all works together, and then a dull gray set that all work together. All pieces are in excellent used condition. Expect normal childs playwear. One thing worth noting is that one of the roundhouses has a small corner of the door broken off, still perfectly functional though. This is a lot and being sold as is. Each piece has not been tested but as I was setting everything up there were bells and whistles going off all over. :-) If you have any questions regarding a specific piece, etc., please feel free to let me know.

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