Vintage 1971 ZOOMER-BOOMER Parking Tower Playset #7253-0010 with Sand Buggy

$ 90.00

Vintage 1971 ZOOMER-BOOMER Parking Tower Playset #7253-0010 with Working Elevator & Sand Buggy Car, all in the original box! Made by Topper Toys Corp. This fabulous car/truck playset is a very tough set to come by these days! There was a series of these Zoomer-Boomer cars and trucks to use with this set. It has a working elevator that transfers from tower to tower, so you can park the Zoomer Boomer. You can use the heavy gauge steel Sand Buggy as a regular car or load it with power using the Zoomer-Boomer power unit and motor (not included). The power unit and motor was sold separately and does not come with this set. The box measures 11" x 21". The instructions are also included. Everything appears to be with the set. An awesome vintage playset to add to your collection! (Inventory code: race1)

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