Adorable Sonni (Germany) Plush Stuffed Digedag, Dig & Dag Characters, High-Quality!

$ 55.00

Adorable Sonni (Germany) plush stuffed Digedag, Dig & Dag characters. These cute little guys come as a set of 3. Dig measures 35 cm, Dag measures 37 cm, and Digedag measures 40 cm. Extremely high, collectors quality! Made by Sonni (Zum Spielen Gemacht), made in Germany. Brand new, original store stock. This is part of a fabulous Sonni collection of dolls and plush animals that carries on a timeless tradition of quality Germany toy manufacturing. The toys' beautiful realism has charmed and delighted children for generations. Sonni stuffed pets and dolls are totally child safe according to the European standards of safety. No toxic materials were used and are made of all high-quality materials. This cute set of Digedag, Dig and Dag characters are part of the last remaining original store stock since Sonni went out of business. We were the sole distributor for all of North America and unfortunately, due to the cheap Chinese immitation stuffed animals, Sonni company was not able to compete. We are selling the remaining stock at cost. Once sold out, you will not be able to purchase this type of European quality again. Here's your chance. :-)

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