RARE Vintage Pre-War 1938 Modern Wonder Rigby HURRICANE MW3 Monoplane Kit

$ 250.00

ULTRA RARE Vintage Pre-War 1938 Modern Wonder (London) Hurricane MW3 Monoplane Glider Kit, designed by Wallis Rigby exclusively for Modern Wonder Boys Comic Magazine. This is a remarkably similar design to the many different model planes by Frog aircraft, popular around that time. It has an aluminum fuselage and paper wings, and it is elastic band powered. Comes complete with its original elastic, propeller and housing. It's contained in the original shipping box that measures 14" long x 7-1/4" wide x 4-1/4" deep. Also included is the original flying and instruction paperwork. The plane is marked M.W.3 to each wing and each side of the fuselage. The tail fin is marked W.R which indicates the Wallis Rigby connection. The front fuselage is marked HURRICAN to each side, and lastly is marked BRITISH MADE "HANCOR" MITCHAM LONDON, plus the patent dates for 1937 and 1938. There is some wear and dents, but is all in original condition. Box has significant wear and is in fair condition. (Inventory code: MBA2)

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