1961 Cadillac Fleetwood Convertible tin toy, Shioji SSS Japan

$ 1,200.00

ULTRA RARE Vintage 1961 Cadillac Fleetwood 17" Red Convertible Series Sixty-Two 62, with Partial Box, Made by Shioji (SSS) Japan. This is one of the most fantastic and intricate large battery operated cars made during this era. It even uses a General Motors key used in the ignition. Shioji made this toy with two unique combined power systems. There is a friction flywheel motor, as well as an electrically operated drive motor. The different systems are selected by raising the gear shift lever for electric motor and lowering it for flywheel friction motor. The toy uses an actual transmission to change power systems. It features a little mini waterslide decal on the top corner of the windshield that reads "National Custom Auto Fair / Los Angeles - Seattle - Indianapolis", and may have featured at the 1963 National Auto Fair held in Seattle, as this toy was produced in 1963. Has detailed tin lithographed dash with flocked seats and interior. License plate reads '1961'. The car is overall in excellent original condition, and car is mechanically in perfect running order. This car measures a whopping 17" long and weighs in at 3-1/2" pounds without the batteries!

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