1974 King Features Beetle Bailey Magnetic figures. 6 figures.

$ 15.00

RARE Vintage 1974 Lot of 6 Blondie Comic Cartoon Vinyl Puffy Refrigerator Magnets by King Features Syndicate Inc., Hong Kong. This lot contains Alexander, Dagwood, 2 different Blondie poses / scenes, and 2 different Daisy the Dog poses / scenes. Appx. 3-1/2 to 4" tall. These magnets are pretty darn cute! Flexible, soft, and colorful! Use them as fridge or metal cabinet door magnets, memo holders, etc. Collect them, trade them, swap them...whatever. All are in unused, mint condition. Old store stock. (See our other lots of Blondie magnetic vinyl puffy's and other tv & cartoon characters including Beetle Bailey, etc.

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