Lot of 2 Vintage Action Skill Games - Skittle Ball & On Target (G12)

$ 40.00

Lot of 2 Vintage Action Skill Games including Aurora Skittle Ball and Milton Bradley On Target games. The 1st game is a 1971 Aurora Skittle Ball Game, only includes the 2 orange balls. In this game, the players swing an impact ball to hit the magic cue ball to drive a scoreball up a ramp. Game measures 32-1/2" long. And the 1970s On Target Skill & Action Shooting Game is by Milton Bradley. The idea is to take the plastic ball and put it in front of the gun to shoot towards any of the pegs. If they are hit, they drop down. Game is plastic and measures 30" x 16". Includes the game board, all 5 pegs, and red target ball.

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