RARE 50s Tin Friction Ford Thunderbird Sports Car, removable top, Nomura (TN) Japan

$ 1,300.00

ULTRA RARE Vintage 1955 Tin Lithographed Friction Operated Ford Thunderbird Sports Car with removable top, made by Nomura (TN), Japan. This is truly a fantastic car that we will have a hard time parting with! It has the distinction of being the first and only example we've ever seen with an absolutely perfect transparent green plastic roof. Not a single crack, scuff, scratch, wear, or anything else on it! And complimenting the condition of the roof is the condition of the entire car, which is near MINT and complete in the original box. As you can see in the pictures, the litho surfaces are impeccable; a dazzling shade of light lilac lavender purple, green lithographed bucket seats and detailed interior, black chassis, and that awesome green transparent roof! It contains chrome plated trim. The friction motor works flawlessly. The box features a cartoon-like color illustration showing the Sports Car having it's top manually placed into position. A small insert in the upper right corner depicts a 2-sdtage schematic showing connection of the roof. The name of the toy and a portrain of the Thunderbird were printed on the cover aprons. This beauty measures 8" long. The car is mint and the box has slight shelf wear. There's no doubt about it that It will definitely be the super star in your collection! (Inventory code MBC3)

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