Vintage 1936 Fibber McGee Fun Party Game, Milton Bradley, National Broadcasting

$ 20.00

Vintage 1936 Fibber McGee Fun Party Game by Milton Bradley. A hillarous party game for any number of players. "A riot of fun for everyone. Take it from me - Fibber McGee". By arrangement with the National Broadcasting Co., Inc. Box measures 7-1/2" x 5-1/4". Game is in very good condition in the original box, including official booklette. Box has a bit of age, but it's all there, including inserts. A large deck of yellow cards are placed face down on a table in a loose spread out pile. Each card has a few words that make up a partial sentence on them. One player reads a story out of a booklet and when the reader encounters a blank line ("_______") in the story, they pause and another player quickly draws a card and reads what is on it, then the reader continues. For example, "My first encounter came after a series of lessons from _A_perforated_fire_hose_ who had slain nine thousand bulls." Some cards have points on them, so the player who drew that cards would get some points. When all cards have been drawn, the points are tallied and a winner determined. (Inventory code bb19)

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