Vintage (Germany) Lg 10" Paper Mache Easter Egg Candy Container w/ Bunny Rabbits

$ 75.00

Vintage (Western Germany) Large 10" Paper Mache Easter Egg Candy Container. Beautiful scene depicting  bunny rabbits celebrating the Easter holiday. 2 bunnys are carrying a large basket of Easter eggs over their shoulder, and 1 is carrying a decorative wreath. Inside is marked "Western Germany". Beautiful bright and shiney graphics. Large egg that measures 10" tall x 6" wide. Germany has a long tradition of producing beautiful paper mache Easter eggs to use as a part of their celebration of the Easter holiday. The eggs are made with 2 sides which fit together and are hollow inside to accomodate candy and other Easter treats. These appealing eggs have a lot of decorative value and have become highly collectible. Bring a little bit of Easter's past to your family tradition with this beautiful egg gem!

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