Vintage Tin Wind-up DBS Germany BARON 540 Limousine with Chauffeur & Passenger

$ 475.00

Vintage Tin Lithographed Clockwork Wind-up DBS Germany BARON 540 Limousine. DBS Blechspielwaren Ges. mbH, Dusseldorfer Blech-Spielwaren, Bild Geschutzt, DBS Keiner ausser Heiner. Made in Germany. This is a limited edition reissue of the original and was built using the original molds. Measures 13" long. Off-white with mid-blue roof and running boards, balloon wheels, 4 opening doors, with chauffeur and passenger. Like new condition in the original box with paperwork. "Mechanical tin toys as in the olden days.  This toy testifies to the rebirth of an old tradition which in the decades before 1900 brought great pleasure and not only for children.  Mechanical tin toys as our grandparents and great grandparents knew and loved them, were in their time admired childhood companions".

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