VINTAGE TOYS: Robots and Space Toys Book by Bunte / Mueller / Hallman -- NEW!!

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VINTAGE TOYS: Robots and Space Toys Book by Bunte / Mueller / Hallman. Brand new, old store stock! 192 pages. A fascinating and detailed story of twenty-first century toys. An encyclopedia of information relating to specific space-age toys, including detailed descriptions, manufacturer's history, up-to-date marketplace values, and striking color photos. 450 vibrant photographs highlight this scarce out-of-print book which features over 300 amazing space toys from the past. Arranged chronologically, this book covers by chapter robot and space toys: Before the 1940s (In the beginning – from Jules Verne to Comic Strip Heroes); The 1940s (Surviving the war years, and the few toys that emerged); The 1950s (The halcyon period – driven by movies and pop culture); The 1960s (Reality and creativity collide – and the beginning of the end); The 1970s (A quiet coda to an incredible era); Glossary; and Index. Makers pictured and described include Milton Bradley, Ideal, Alps, Archer, Arnold, Asahi, Horikawa, Linemar-Masudaya, Louis Marx & Co., Masudaya, Nomura, Sanyo, Remco, SNK, Rosko-Daiya, Rosko-Nomura, Marx, Yonezawa, and many more. This lavishly illustrated pictorial guide “represents a comprehensive, but by no means complete, documentation of space-themed playthings created since the turn of the century. We've tried to include as many toys as possible from the huge range of product built manly since the 1930s…We have tried to provide accurate manufacturer and dating information with each and every listing…[and] included three valuations with each toy: good, excellent, and mint with original box.” This book will appeal to the collector, dealer, or historian of vintage tin and plastic robot and space themed toys. Published by Krause Publications in 2000. 1st edition. ISBN: 97815882210254 / 158221025X.

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